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Don P:
I guess perhaps the question is, if man has since earliest times, wondered
how God created everything, should we do the same? Or, should we just look at
the painting and appreciate it? Not worrying about how the painter created it.
 If the latter question then would this not mean that scientific fields of
study should not be pursued, since inevitably it serves no (known) function for
the Lord?

Don P
Of course we should wonder, but we should recognize that men have been
wondering for 4,000 years without a definitive resolution and all we can do is
continue to wonder because our scientific tools still cannot find the God in the
machine. That, I believe is the message of the Rig Veda, the Jewish description
of God as ineffable and Job's repentance at the end of the Book of Job. You
can wonder all you want about how God works in the material world, but in the
end all you can do is surrender to his manifestations.
The fruit is in the social sciences. Vedic society dismembered man into
social classes: priests, warriors and producers, of those 3 classes, Judaism later
became a nation of priests. Jesus was of the order of Melchizedek, a
priest/king. These are social facts that can be understood. The efficacy of Biblical
law for the survival and betterment of human populations made in the image and
likeness of God can be determined.
That is why the most fruitful study of religion is from a social science
perspective, not from physics or geology. Before man there was no religion.
Celestial bodies and non-self conscious lower forms of life do not need religion.
They already do God's will and conform completely to God's physical laws either
because they are inanimate or because they are governed by instinct. It is man
with his free will who abandons God and needs to be 'bound back" to God. Man
needs religion. The proper study of religion is human behavior in the face of
God and that is done with the tools of social science. So, look in wonderment
at the painting you cannot penetrate while penetrating the painting you can.
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