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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 17:50:47 EDT

Now will I beat Ted Davis to it as we will probably say similar things.
Their claim is based on what they see as the proper reading of Romans5 12-21
and I cor 15 21-22, that as by man came death there could be no death before
Adam. If there was then Jesus' death is invalid and Christianity is bunk.
A good statement is Whitcomb's appendix Paleontology and the Edenic Curse
p454ff of The Genesis Flood.

The argument has been re-iterated many times and is the key to YEC beliefs
and their beguiling attraction.


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> The people at ICR and AIG are adamant that physical death of any kind for
> any living organism before Adam and Eve's sin is incompatible with a
> coherent Christian theology.
> I suspect they do not include bacteria and plant life in that claim;
> possibly not insects.
> Perhaps only mammals?
> Does anyone know just how their claim is actually posed? Or are they, as
> usual, more or less vague on the question?
> Burgy
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