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Even psychology and anthropology should be excluded, since we read the Bible
then as if bible writers knew modern psychology and anthropology. God did
speak a language people could understand. Teaching any science in the Bible was
not the intention of God, I believe. God wants us to change our hearts,
change our outlook on life. That is not only written for scientists but for all
men, regardless of schooling. To try to fin any scientific knowledge will not
work in the long run. Another difficulty is that none of us know the written
language of the Bible as it was understood by the first hearers of the
gospel. To think that the gospels will be able to teach us modern science will fail
in the long run.

Jan de Koning
No, the basic tenets of psychology and anthropology are common sense and true
religiously and scientifically. God did not teach "science" in the Bible but
we are mincing words here. God did tell us Jacob bred Laban's flocks "down"
while breeding his own "up." This is an explicit reference to directed natural
selection in the Bible. You can choose to restrict your understanding to the
literal lines, but even if you did the literal sense of the lines is
understandable scientifically. Any psychologist and anthopologist reading those lines as
Darwin did would say what Darwin said, that Jacob knew how to harness natural
selection and they would be right.
Now, you can also say that the Hebrews are a Biblical people that should
dwell alone because that is what Ezra taught them to continue to do after the
return from the exile, but any social scientist also knows that the first step to
breeding a population is to isolate them.
The literal lines advocating genetic isolation separating the Hebrews from
the peoples "round about" is easily understandable as that first step to genetic
isolation. Would a patriarch reference "natural selection" or "evolution?" Of
course not, but we know animal breeding and domestication have been around
for 7,000 years, so they knew how to do it. They just didn't call it what
today's scientists call it. It is therefore entirely appropriate for evolutionary
psychologists and evolutionary biologists to find the science in the Bible and
call it what it is. Biblical truths that are true religiously and

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