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And for
those wishing to save others from the failings of modern atheism, we must
find a way to reconcile the bible with science.

Don P
The only parts of the bible you can reconcile with today's science are those
having to do with the psychology and anthropology of man. Reconciling the
bible with geology or physics misses the point entirely. By doing that you are
saying that God himself wrote the bible so it must be scientifically right, but
God revealed himself to (through) men who wrote the Bible and though the
geological and physical science of those ancient men to whom Biblical truths were
revealed is now superceded, the psychological and anthropological truths they
recorded in the Bible that cause communities of men to survive and prosper are
still as constant and reliable now as they were in ancient times. I would stop
wasting my time working the creation account which has nothing to do with
human perfection and understand the practical efficacy of the beliefs and
practices we find in the Bible which have everything to do with human perfection in
the face of God.

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