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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 01:28:45 EDT

Send me a free copy and I will read it. As it is I have too any YEC books,
often annotated for misquotation etc etc.

I have read most of the Impact series so I am not hopeful; that anything ICR
produces will be any good.

You see Bill my criticisms of YEC are based on extensive knowledge.

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> I would think you could do like I have done and order the book (Origin of
> Mountains) referenced by Baumgardner through interlibrary loan, and see
> for yourself what the book actually says.
> Bill
> -- "Michael Roberts" <> wrote:
> Bill,
> To do this properly I would need to go to a decent geological library and
> check all his sources. That would mean driving 50 miles to either
> Manchester
> or Liverpool. In the past I have frequently checked out sources on ICR
> writings or by other YECs and found on a vast number of occasions that
> when
> they come out with an interpretation which goes against standard geology
> there has been misquoting eg the nonsense on the 1801 lava in Hawaii, the
> comparison of erosion of gorges on Mt st helens and the Grand Canyon.
> So when another ICR "scientist" comes out with a novel idea with lots of
> suitable references I assume he has done the same, as Glenn began to point
> out.
> If you think this unreasonable then all I can say is that until ICR
> "scientists" repent (and I mean repent) of their previous misquotation
> then
> I can only assume that they are still doing it.
> Michael
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