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Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 01:14:52 EDT

I would think you could do like I have done and order the book (Origin of Mountains) referenced by Baumgardner through interlibrary loan, and see for yourself what the book actually says.


-- "Michael Roberts" <> wrote:
To do this properly I would need to go to a decent geological library and
check all his sources. That would mean driving 50 miles to either Manchester
or Liverpool. In the past I have frequently checked out sources on ICR
writings or by other YECs and found on a vast number of occasions that when
they come out with an interpretation which goes against standard geology
there has been misquoting eg the nonsense on the 1801 lava in Hawaii, the
comparison of erosion of gorges on Mt st helens and the Grand Canyon.
So when another ICR "scientist" comes out with a novel idea with lots of
suitable references I assume he has done the same, as Glenn began to point
If you think this unreasonable then all I can say is that until ICR
"scientists" repent (and I mean repent) of their previous misquotation then
I can only assume that they are still doing it.


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