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Date: Tue Apr 12 2005 - 20:26:01 EDT

Vernon wrote:
>With respect to C14, at this point I have nothing further to add to what has
>already been said.

In the abstract by Baumgardner et al on accelerator
mass spectroscopy and radio carbon 14 dating, it
indicates that some dates go as far back as about
70000 bp.

If the earth is 6009 years old, this means there is
an error of 63991 years! If the YEC model that cannot
even nail down 6009+/- 200 years (the usual assertion
for radiocarbon dating between 0 and 10000 yrs bp),
then surely we cannot see how we can trust that the
earth is 6009 years old.

This is an order of magnitude of off! We certainly
cannot believe the dating of the United kindom if
radio carbon dating is so bad! Yet it seems C14 nails
that date on the head. Shall we reject the claims
of the dates for the united kindom also?

by Grace alone we proceed,
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