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From: Joel Moore <>
Date: Tue Apr 12 2005 - 10:24:17 EDT

Hi Bill,

The point is that mountains form not only into one set of peaks. That
is, the energy of India crashing into Asia does not just push up one
slice of the earth's crust. It is more like a rug crumpling and as
India continues to move north, the crumpled (and uplifted zone)
widens. The rate of uplift is most likely different in the southern
part of the Himalayas than on the northern edge of the Tibetan
plateau. The rates of erosion and uplift have not been at equilibrium
during the entire history of the uplift and are probably not at
equilibrium in some points of the Himalayas and/or Tibetan plateau. So
my point was that your assumptions about uplift and erosion appear to
be overly simplistic.

I guess in looking back at the original email, I'm not sure what you
were saying with respect to uplift and the Himalayas. And I just fired
off my email with a mention of the Tibetan plateau since it's pretty
important to understanding the uplift and convergence happening in the


On Apr 12, 2005 12:33 AM, <> wrote:
> Yeah, I learned about the Tibetan Plateau also while digging into a response for Michael. The Plateau is in a rain shadow from the Himalayas, and therefore gets little erosion. The Plateau is also higher than the highest point in the continental US - Mt. McKinley (I believe).
> I'm not sure I follow your statement that mountains build outwards out. As I understand it, the Tibetan Plateau was lifted vertically into its present position.
> Bill
> -- Joel Moore <> wrote:
> Bill, quick note about your assumptions on the Himalayas and mountain
> bulding. Mountains don't just go straight up, they also build outwards
> out. So the convergence of India and Asia has not only produced the
> Himalayan mountains, it has also produced the Tibetan Plateau, which
> is an area almost big as Europe with an average elevation of 4000 m
> (13100 ft).
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