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Once factor in evolution is environment. Not just the weather around us but
the "atmosphere" we live in. Unlike other species which live solely
dependent on their environment provide to them, or they better adapt quick,
we have the ability to "create" our own environment. That is part of our
shortcoming. Under "natural" evolution we would not have gone the route we
did. But we were bound and determined to do it for ourselves. No wonder
God left us to "toil the fields". Our lack of faith in HIS ability to
provide brought us to were we are today. Lost but still searching for the
way back, into HIS grace.

In sum, while the concept that God created through evolution, it is no
longer the only factor by which we "evolve".

Don Perrett

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Dear members of the ASA,

I've been doing some reading on the ASA site site and thought you all might
be able to help me with this issue. If God created man via evolution, then
it would seem that much of what we call our sin nature is the result of our
evolutionary heritage. Lust and greed are displayed by animals. It is
possible that tendencies toward unselfishness and altruism may have also
evolved along with societies, since these qualities are more compatible with
civilized living than lust and greed. The Romans 7 struggle that we have
within ourselves between our sin nature and what we Christians call our "new
nature" would seem to be explained by these two opposing "instincts," both
inherited from our ancestors.

This would seem to do away with the Biblical notion of sin and
and replace them both with instincts that arose from evolutionary

Is it possible that this view of sin and the Biblical view are compatible?

Thanks for your input.


Bill Green
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