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When Jesus said the scribes and Pharisees neglected justice, mercy and faithfulness (the weightier matters of the law, Mat. 23:23), he was definitely condeming their interpretation, as well as their application, of the law.

Instead of throwing up a strawman, reciting your litany of YEC shortcomings, why don't you respond to my question to Michael re Baumgardner: "Are you saying Baumgardner misquoted the authors he referenced, and therefore you (and Glenn) are justified in attacking him?" Read the ICR Impact article that Baumgardner wrote and tell us what Baumgardner did wrong in that article.


-- "D. F. Siemens, Jr." <> wrote:

May I note that the Pharisees were the "fundamentalists" of the time?
that Paul bragged of being a Pharisee? that the scribes were the careful
students of the Law? Jesus did not condemn their interpretation of
scripture (see 23:23), but their lives and the effect of their lives.

Since the effect of the YEC interpretation of Genesis turns those who
know science away from faith and makes them mock the scriptures, are you
going to commend them? Since in singleminded pursuit of their view they
misrepresent the work of scholars, make every discussion of evolutionary
mechanisms the denial of evolution, produce "explanations" for various
phenomena that are logically incompatible, how are they justified? I have
noted that scientists who make a mistake are the first to correct it with
a public admission. Misrepresenting conclusions leads to strong reaction.

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