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Date: Tue Apr 12 2005 - 00:33:55 EDT

Yeah, I learned about the Tibetan Plateau also while digging into a response for Michael. The Plateau is in a rain shadow from the Himalayas, and therefore gets little erosion. The Plateau is also higher than the highest point in the continental US - Mt. McKinley (I believe).

I'm not sure I follow your statement that mountains build outwards out. As I understand it, the Tibetan Plateau was lifted vertically into its present position.


-- Joel Moore <> wrote:
Bill, quick note about your assumptions on the Himalayas and mountain
bulding. Mountains don't just go straight up, they also build outwards
out. So the convergence of India and Asia has not only produced the
Himalayan mountains, it has also produced the Tibetan Plateau, which
is an area almost big as Europe with an average elevation of 4000 m
(13100 ft).

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