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You clearly wish for no answer! See David Siemens posts.
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> Hi Michael,
>> Second, how do you know the mountains in Britain were 40,000 ft high
>> at one time?
> MR The sum total on all the work on the Devonian which shows an immense
> amount of erosion (JRL Allen is a key worker if memory serves me) and
> evidence for uplift prior tothat
> Michael, erosion occurs as uplift proceeds. 40,000 ft of erosion does not
> mean that the mountains were once 40,000 ft high, unless of course you
> agree with John Baumgardner that uplift occurred rapidly - almost before
> any erosion could begin.
> "It is estimated from mineral studies that the metamorphic rocks of New
> York City and Connecticut were once buried under about 7 miles of
> overlying rock. This is not to say that the mountains above them were 7
> miles [~37,000 ft] high, only that this thickness of crust has been pulled
> upward by isostatic readjustment over the last 450 million years."
> (file://E:\Environmental Geomorphology Landform Construction and
> Destruction.htm, page 3 of 4)
>> Erosion is not an "unanswered niggle". I ask you again, Michael, what
>> is the rate of erosion in the Himalayas?
> MR I have not measured it!!!! I doubt if it is easy to measure .
> It's easy to measure the current uplift rate using GPS, and infer the
> erosion rate, assuming erosion and uplift are in balance.
> "The average uplift rate is about 16.2 +/- 7.9 mm/yr in the Southern Tibet
> estimated by GPS95 and GPS97 measurements in ITRF97 frame, which agree
> with the rates obtained from leveling data [>10mm/yr], gravity data [11.98
> mm/yr] and Fission-track dating (FT) [10 to 30 mm/yr]." (Xu, C. et al.
> Present-Day Uplift in Southern Tibet; The Society of Geomagnetism and
> Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences; The Seismological Society of Japan;
> The Volcanology Society of Japan; The Geodetic Society of Japan; The
> Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences. p 738)
> The uplift results from India plowing into Asia. If we assume as Glenn
> said that the Himilaya mountains are 55 million years old, then we may
> assume that the collision of India into Asia has been going on for 55
> million years. If we also assume that the rate of collision and therefore
> uplift has been constant for 55 million years, the we now have uplift of
> 16.2 km/million years times 55 million years = 891 km of uplift, which is
> a little more than your 40,000 feet and also a little faster than your mm
> or a few a year.
> MR Matt 23 comes to mind. Dear ole Joathan Sarfati gives biblical
> arguements for the use of robust language from AIG and says this is
> included in agape love!! Will you tackle him?
> I'd rather stick with Jesus than Jonathan. In Matthew 23, which you seem
> to be using as justification to attack Christians, the harsh language is
> addressed to the scribes and Pharisees, who apparently were not children
> of God: "You serpent, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being
> sentenced to hell?" (Matthew 23:33) Care to try again, Michael?
> MR I would suggest that the whole controversy and nastiness over
> creationism in all its forms would disappear overnight if YECs would make
> sure that they never misrepresent and misquote others. Except that those
> on the other side are now embittered whether Chrsitian or not that their
> suspiscions wpould take a long time to go.
> Are you saying Baumgardner misquoted the authors he referenced, and
> therefore you (and Glenn) are justified in attacking him?
> MR You must see that truth and love go hand in hand
> Absolutely. It's "stupid liars" and love that I have a problem with.
> Bill
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