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Hi Michael,

> Second, how do you know the mountains in Britain were 40,000 ft high
> at one time?

MR The sum total on all the work on the Devonian which shows an immense
amount of erosion (JRL Allen is a key worker if memory serves me) and
evidence for uplift prior tothat

Michael, erosion occurs as uplift proceeds. 40,000 ft of erosion does not mean that the mountains were once 40,000 ft high, unless of course you agree with John Baumgardner that uplift occurred rapidly – almost before any erosion could begin.

“It is estimated from mineral studies that the metamorphic rocks of New York City and Connecticut were once buried under about 7 miles of overlying rock. This is not to say that the mountains above them were 7 miles [~37,000 ft] high, only that this thickness of crust has been pulled upward by isostatic readjustment over the last 450 million years.” (file://E:\Environmental Geomorphology Landform Construction and Destruction.htm, page 3 of 4)

> Erosion is not an "unanswered niggle". I ask you again, Michael, what
> is the rate of erosion in the Himalayas?

MR I have not measured it!!!! I doubt if it is easy to measure .

It’s easy to measure the current uplift rate using GPS, and infer the erosion rate, assuming erosion and uplift are in balance.

“The average uplift rate is about 16.2 +/- 7.9 mm/yr in the Southern Tibet estimated by GPS95 and GPS97 measurements in ITRF97 frame, which agree with the rates obtained from leveling data [>10mm/yr], gravity data [11.98 mm/yr] and Fission-track dating (FT) [10 to 30 mm/yr].” (Xu, C. et al. Present-Day Uplift in Southern Tibet; The Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences; The Seismological Society of Japan; The Volcanology Society of Japan; The Geodetic Society of Japan; The Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences. p 738)

The uplift results from India plowing into Asia. If we assume as Glenn said that the Himilaya mountains are 55 million years old, then we may assume that the collision of India into Asia has been going on for 55 million years. If we also assume that the rate of collision and therefore uplift has been constant for 55 million years, the we now have uplift of 16.2 km/million years times 55 million years = 891 km of uplift, which is a little more than your 40,000 feet and also a little faster than your mm or a few a year.

MR Matt 23 comes to mind. Dear ole Joathan Sarfati gives biblical arguements for the use of robust language from AIG and says this is included in agape love!! Will you tackle him?

I’d rather stick with Jesus than Jonathan. In Matthew 23, which you seem to be using as justification to attack Christians, the harsh language is addressed to the scribes and Pharisees, who apparently were not children of God: “You serpent, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?” (Matthew 23:33) Care to try again, Michael?

MR I would suggest that the whole controversy and nastiness over creationism in all its forms would disappear overnight if YECs would make sure that they never misrepresent and misquote others. Except that those on the other side are now embittered whether Chrsitian or not that their suspiscions wpould take a long time to go.

Are you saying Baumgardner misquoted the authors he referenced, and therefore you (and Glenn) are justified in attacking him?

MR You must see that truth and love go hand in hand

Absolutely. It’s “stupid liars” and love that I have a problem with.


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