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Thanks for the explanation of the meaning of the Hebrew. It would be good if
it were possible to have a translation into English that conveys the meaning
you intend. I'm not too convinced by your Jeremiah quote, because it seems
to me that this is deliberate poetic exaggeration in describing a *feeling*
that the person had. In Scottish slang there is an expression for a hangover
"Ma heid's full o' wee bottles and they're all crackin", but does not have a
literal meaning. I'm not so sure that the flood narrative is a similar genre
of expression to "all my bones shake".

However, I am aware that the flood narrative is a strict literary form - a
chiasm, in fact, (e.g. ABA or ABCBA or ABCDCBA). If I recall there are 31
sections, with mirroring and the central bit being God remembering Noah in
the middle of the storm.

Btw it's Iain not Lain.

On Apr 10, 2005 6:24 PM, Dick Fischer <> wrote:
> Lain wrote (to Christopher):
> You assert that it is Vernon's interpretation of the flood that is at
> fault, but I don't see what your interpretation is. For example, what is
> your interpretation of Gen 7:22-23? Particularly 23, which (in the NIV)
> states "Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out"
> My seventeen year-old daughter remarked to a friend on the phone the other
> day, "And I was like, 'Yeah, right!'" Made perfectly good sense to me. But
> if it was translated word for word into Hebrew and read to Moses 3500 years
> ago, I'm not sure he would have understood it. The reverse is also true. We
> take Hebrew words, translate them directly into English, and then try to
> figure out what they mean in a vacuum of extra-biblical information. That's
> why the local, Mesopotamian flood has been misunderstood as a global
> catastrophe.
> The words for "earth" and "land" are the same in Hebrew. And in typical
> Hebrew fashion, "all" and "every" are less encompassing. Jeremiah 23:9 says:
> "Mine heart within me is broken because of the prophets; all my bones shake
> ..."
> Try to shake 206 bones. It ain't easy. By the same token "every creature"
> on the face of the [land] can die without effect on the kangaroo population.
> Read Genesis as Semitic history, not as human history, and every thing
> pretty much falls into place.
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