FW: Switch to a web forum rather than email

From: Don Perrett <donperrett@genesisproclaimed.org>
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 15:11:48 EDT

Sorry went to Glen only.

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Pictures take up alot of disk space on any server/computer. Many isps limit
attachment size. And it can slow down posts for those using dial up. Of
course some forums do allow pictures, but limit the upload size. This too
can be done should we go to a web forum. Glen is right however, it would be
beneficial to have pictures when "necessary". Pictures can also help
non-believers in understanding and "agreeing" with the organization. Seeing
is believing.

For me, the biggest benefit to a web forum or archive is the exposure to
those not currently involved. Whether lurkers or just site visitors. The
problem with email to archive is disk size. Forum to email applications,
with a database on the backside, will save space and provide everyone with
more or less what they want.

Don P
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  The archives certainly strip them.


  On Sat Apr 9 10:31 , Iain Strachan sent:

    On Apr 9, 2005 2:57 PM, glennmorton@entouch.net
<glennmorton@entouch.net> wrote:
      For me, there are features on a web based approach one can't use in
email. One can post pictures to aid in the discussion. This is especially
helpful when dealing with people who have never seen geology.

    Is there any reason why one can't attach pictures to emails to ASA?
It's perfectly possible to attach them in emails normally, or even to embed
them inline. I've done it many times with Microsoft Outlook Express, for


      On Sat Apr 9 5:39 , "Hon Wai Lai" sent:


        If the motivation for a web-based forum is to deal with the heavy
        of emails, it seems to me this can be adequately dealt with by each
        member setting up filtering rules in their emailing software.

        Most emailing softwares like Microsoft Outlook have filtering system
        to Tools/Rules Wizard) that immediately moves arriving emails with
        specified characteristics to specified folders. I set up rules that
        all emails sent to "asa@calvin.edu" into folder Inbox/ASA
        This way, all non-personal emails are always separated from personal
        ones which usually require a high level of attention. I would look
        the ASA discussion folder every few days, sort them by sender or by
        subject header. This allows me to efficiently identify informative
        emails from "noise" or uninteresting ones, as I know from past
        the senders who tend to post informative materials. I can also
        delete a group of emails by the same subject header if the initial
        postings are not of interest. Filtering rules can also delete emails
        automatically with certain characteristics e.g. from particular

        If ASA members follow the convention of prefacing subject headers by
        some standardised topic title in square brackets (e.g. [YEC], [ID],
        [ethical issues], [Vernon's wacky ideas] etc.), the filtering rule
        move emails into subfolders in the designated "ASA discussion"
        This system imitates the threading system of a web-based forum.

        I find emails very convenient. Checking up a website, and clicking
        links are troublesome. Moreover, I archive a small portion of the
        into subfolders with an informative names for future reference.

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> Hi,
> I received 8 responses to my question. 6 of 8 favored the web
> style. 7 of 9 if you count my vote.
> I think it's worth a try--we will need to give it a month or so to
> get used to it and then we can reevaluate. I'm hoping to
> some features such as email or RSS notification of feeds. The
> software I'm currently using has a "check for posts since I last
> visited" feature that helps you track things.
> I could also send out a daily email to the list with a link to
> to help us transition.
> As you all know, we've been averaging 20 or so posts per day.
> Since we had such a small response, I'd like to allow for a bit
> discussion, this time on-list. If you feel strongly about it one
> or another (especially if you are against the idea), please post
> opinion. Let's try not to get bogged down on this topic with quips
> and complaints but if you have a case to make one way or another
> please do it.
> I will also entertain a few questions about how it all works if
> you've never used anything like this before.
> TG
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