RE: Switch to a web forum rather than email

From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 15:00:52 EDT

Iain wrote:
I'm not convinced that a forum would be less prone to this. Agreed people
can edit their posts, or the moderator can delete inappropriate ones, but
unless the moderator puts in a considerable effort, I think the backbiting
will be much the same. I've seen some lamentable exhibitions of backbiting
and personal attacking going on in forums. The really annoying thing is
when people start posting those silly emoticons willy-nilly in order to
ridicule the other person. Plenty of that goes on on theology web.

[Don Perrett]
Emoticons do not have to be available on a forum. As for the "quality" of
posts, it is true that many on-line forums degrade if not moderated. Most
are not moderated. As for the amount of moderation, it CAN become a chore.
However the upside is that if this has a database backside, it is easier to
review inappropriate banter. If your try to prove or defend a case of
someone repeatedly posting short putdowns, it requires one to go through a
large array of emails. If you have a database forum then it is easy to
track an individuals trends. Thus making it easier to justify placing a
posters account inactive.

Another upside is for those wanting to perform research. Not just the
"listers" but any visitor to the site would be able to view the "views" of
the group.

Don P
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