RE: Switch to a web forum rather than email

From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 14:46:37 EDT

Terry wrote:
The concerns about email are valid and recognized. Some people just
prefer a more "push" oriented channel. I'm hoping to have a solution
for that, but it's likely to have more of a digest feel to it.

Let's also consider one very important benefit to a forum.

One, if placed properly on a search engine, it might drum up more
hits/business/exposure for the ASA. This can aid in attracting more
visitors and help to spread the ideology of harmony in science and theology,
and not opposition.

Two, many people prefer to have an active and interactive website, versus
one that is just static. While it does not assure more visitors, those
currently lurkers may find that going to the site spurs their desire to read
more material on the site.

In order to please both views on this matter, is why I suggested having both
types (email and web forum) available.

Don Perrett
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