Re: Switch to a web forum rather than email

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 12:24:19 EDT

> >posted to a web-forum as the default response mode. I have noticed
> >in the past, that web-forums can often degenerate into flame wars,
> >and also I have noticed that discussions in this list have been
> >somewhat "robust". I think there may be an increased risk of flame
> >wars if there were a forum, and for this reason I would be against
> >the idea.


Frankly, I disagree about the "robustness" of our list. I think the
> quality of discussion stoops quite low from time to time, often
> degenerating into chatty nonsense and quippy backbiting.

... actually I think we're in agreement there. I was being rather ironic at
that point - hence the inverted commas around "robust". I have often found
that if people behave in an inappropriate and rude fashion, and you point it
out, that the perpetrators say that you ought to be prepared to be more
robust. I agree entirely that there is often "quippy backbiting", that is
supposed to pass for "robust discussion".

I'm not convinced that a forum would be less prone to this. Agreed people
can edit their posts, or the moderator can delete inappropriate ones, but
unless the moderator puts in a considerable effort, I think the backbiting
will be much the same. I've seen some lamentable exhibitions of backbiting
and personal attacking going on in forums. The really annoying thing is when
people start posting those silly emoticons willy-nilly in order to ridicule
the other person. Plenty of that goes on on theology web.

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