Re: Switch to a web forum rather than email

From: Peter Ruest <>
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 11:39:28 EDT

Hi Terry,

I would prefer to have e-mails as previously. My reasons:

(1) I still have a dial-in connection to the web, as a permanent-link
alternative (ADSL) would cost me additionally about CHF 40.00 per month (being
retired, I have no institutional link).

(2) I have only one phone line, so that prevents my access to the web whenever
someone here needs the phone. And while I am connected to the web, any attempted
incoming phone calls are disabled. Multiple lines are much more expensive.

(3) I prefer to keep the e-mails on my computer for backup (I have 145 + 189 GB
hard disk space, most of it empty), fast searching, and fast copying of any
texts wanted.

(4) I prefer a system for carefully reasoned responses, rather than fast hits.
Getting the mails once or twice a day is amply sufficient for me.

(5) I see the problems Iain Strachan mentioned.


Dr. Peter Ruest, CH-3148 Lanzenhaeusern, Switzerland
<> - Biochemistry - Creation and evolution
"..the work which God created to evolve it" (Genesis 2:3)
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