Re: Switch to a web forum rather than email

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Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 10:09:19 EDT

On Sat Apr 9 4:04 , Iain Strachan sent:

Another point that occurs to me is that in Web forums, posters can choose to hide their email address, as they log in under a display name (e.g. "The Pink Rabbit").  It seems to me that this invites trouble-makers to join in and retain their anonymity.  I would have thought that using email and having to reveal an email address is a better option.

I haven't noticed that stopping me from dropping in and causing trouble. :-)  Nor did it stop the guy who believed that the Chicago fire was caused by comets coming from the 4th dimension, nor does it stop the occasional atheist from trying to sell his wares here.

Surely there is some way to make everyone give a real email address in their profile or they can't join.


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