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To Randy Isaac:


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Randy Isaac wrote:
> Peter,
> How far are you from Zurich? I am planning to come visit the IBM lab
> at Rushlikon, near Zurich toward the end of April. If there are any ASA
> members within range of Zurich, I would love to meet them.
> Randy


my wife and I live about 20 km south of Bern (being retired since 1999, I have
no work address any more). From Zuerich to Bern, it's one hour by train, and
from Bern to our place (Lanzenhaeusern) another half hour. Depending on your
schedule, when you are where, and which places you might want to see, we could
meet in Rueschlikon, Zuerich, Bern, or Lanzenhaeusern. Of course, we would be
happy to have you visit us at our home in the countryside, but you might not
have enough time available. So let me know your approximate timetable as soon as
possible (and perhaps also where you plan to stay), and I shall suggest when and
where we could meet. Unfortunately, I don't know of any other ASA members in



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