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From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 00:41:50 EDT

Hi Terry,

Not to object to the idea, but is it possible that those wishing to have
emails could do so, in addition to the web based. In other words, if the
web posting script would send a CDONTS or something out to the current list,
then those no longer wishing to be on the email list, could just
unsubscribe. They then could just go to the web to check out the posts.
Still leaving people like myself with the emails. Everyone would still have
to go to the website to POST, but would have emails for reference backups if
they desired. The ability to use them as an offline reference is helpful to
me. I have high speed cable right now, but some with dial up would probably
benefit from email even more. This is also good when sharing computer time
with family or co-workers. This would minimize the on-web time to just
downloading emails and then any time needed to respond to the postings of
choice, rather than the entire time needed to read each post.

Don Perrett

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I received 8 responses to my question. 6 of 8 favored the web forum
style. 7 of 9 if you count my vote.

I think it's worth a try--we will need to give it a month or so to
get used to it and then we can reevaluate. I'm hoping to incorporate
some features such as email or RSS notification of feeds. The
software I'm currently using has a "check for posts since I last
visited" feature that helps you track things.

I could also send out a daily email to the list with a link to forums
to help us transition.

As you all know, we've been averaging 20 or so posts per day.

Since we had such a small response, I'd like to allow for a bit more
discussion, this time on-list. If you feel strongly about it one way
or another (especially if you are against the idea), please post your
opinion. Let's try not to get bogged down on this topic with quips
and complaints but if you have a case to make one way or another
please do it.

I will also entertain a few questions about how it all works if
you've never used anything like this before.


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