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From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 11:03:05 EDT

Last evening I went to a local church to hear a creationist tape. A power
outage resulted in a cancelled program, but I had a long and interesting
conversation with the pastor. He showed me a new edition of Gerardus Buow's
primer on geocentrism, which came to him unsolicited--and with an enclosure
indicating that it has been mailed to 46,000 churches in the past few weeks.
 This is staggering to me, it must be costing a quarter of a million

The pastor, a YEC, sees this as a sideshow, but it has opened up a line of
conversation. The series he's using, new from Answers In Genesis (everytime
I hear that name, I smile b/c I think of the counter website, "No answers in
Genesis"), has 12 talks that Ken Ham did at Cedarville University in Ohio.
Death before the fall comes very early, confirming my belief that it is a
driving force behind this view. Two tapes on racism that I'd like to view
since Ham has not conformed to the old YEC view on this.

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