From: Bill Dozier <>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 08:40:38 EDT

This site is as unintentionally hilarious as an Ed Wood movie. I
remember back in the '80's, some friends and I collected wacko
psuedoscience books. A couple I remember:

- Gravity is the Fourth Dimension: This weird book mixed anti-semitic
rants with the claim that objects don't really attract each other, they
just expand in size. One of the other grad students in my group at UCLA
said that one day a guy was wandering the halls seeking out physicists
to give the book to. "I can't disprove it," read a cover blurb
supposedly from Feynman.

- AIDS was caused by Tesla weapons trained on the US by the Soviets I
forget the title of this one, but I think I still have a copy. I think
it was written by a retired General of some sort.

I wish I could remember the others. We spent hours laughing at them. As
Ted Davis points out, the Fixed Earth guys are only different from AiG
or ICR in the numbers of people that take them seriously. That's where
the humor ends for me.

Bill Dozier
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