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> Ted,
> Thirty five years ago I found a library book by a
> group that had been on the West coast(I think) of
> Florida.
> They made measurements and surveys along the
> beach with boards perhaps around 1900, and found
> that we live inside of a huge ball with the stars
> the middle above us.
> I've forgotton the details but I think it was in
> the vicinity of Tampa.
> I wish someone could find the name of the book
> and/or group.

You're probably thinking of the Koreshans, founded by Cyrus Reed Teed, who
carried out the type of experiment you describe in Florida in 1897. They
didn't think the earth was flat but hollow - & that we live on the inside.
Teed's ideas are described in Ch.2 of Martin Gardner's _Fads and Fallacies
in the Name of Science_ (Dover, 1957).

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