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Thirty five years ago I found a library book by a
group that had been on the West coast(I think) of
They made measurements and surveys along the
beach with boards perhaps around 1900, and found
that we live inside of a huge ball with the stars the middle above us.
I've forgotton the details but I think it was in
the vicinity of Tampa.
I wish someone could find the name of the book
and/or group.

--- Ted Davis <> wrote:

> I know this site well.
> This summer I will be presenting a paper on the
> history of creationist
> hermeneutics, at a conference at Redeemer
> College (Ancaster, Ontario). I
> won't really try to give a full history, but I
> will make historical
> comments, and I plan to discuss geocentrism at
> least a little. The
> controversy within creationism, between
> geocentrists and heliocentrists, has
> much to say about creationist hermeneutics.
> According to Gerardus Buow, for
> example, it isn't evolution that is the
> ultimate scientific lie, it is
> Copernicanism. Doubt the literal sense of
> biblical texts on the earth/sun
> relationship, and you might as well doubt that
> Christ was raised bodily from
> the grave.
> Absolutely identical reasoning, in my view, to
> the claim of Ken Ham and
> others that if you doubt the literal sense of
> the creation days, you might
> as well doubt the Ten Commandments--not to
> mention the authenticity of the
> gospels.
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