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Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 18:11:28 EDT

I know this site well.

This summer I will be presenting a paper on the history of creationist
hermeneutics, at a conference at Redeemer College (Ancaster, Ontario). I
won't really try to give a full history, but I will make historical
comments, and I plan to discuss geocentrism at least a little. The
controversy within creationism, between geocentrists and heliocentrists, has
much to say about creationist hermeneutics. According to Gerardus Buow, for
example, it isn't evolution that is the ultimate scientific lie, it is
Copernicanism. Doubt the literal sense of biblical texts on the earth/sun
relationship, and you might as well doubt that Christ was raised bodily from
the grave.

Absolutely identical reasoning, in my view, to the claim of Ken Ham and
others that if you doubt the literal sense of the creation days, you might
as well doubt the Ten Commandments--not to mention the authenticity of the


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