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Rich wrote:
Of the Buddha's 4 noble truths, the first is that life is unhappiness, but
the second is that the unhappiness comes from selfishness and desire. His
conclusion - get rid of desire. Jesus in the nag hammadi texts is compared
to the pre-fall Adam who had no desire before Eve was made from his rib.
That means desire caused the fall.

While I agree 100% concerning the cause of the fall, I prefer to term it as
"want" instead of desire. Simply because the connotation for desire
involves sex. Were as "we" know that any want is a desire. If all of us
gave up our wants and focused on our needs, then we would have no needs.
God provides our needs and thus we need nothing. Needing nothing, we can
then focus on the Lord.

Like Jesus' egalitarianism, Buddha's religion does not recognize caste.
Christian and Buddhist ontology has the same source in the rejection of
caste and the abandonment of desire as redeeming. I believe these are
intellectual reactions to the suppression of the caste systems they lived

Again, agreed. Which of course begs the question of why Christian
establishments have set up and maintain hierarchical structures. This is
more prominent within Catholicism/Orthodoxies/Episcopal/etc, but even within
most Protestant establishments. I also believe this is one of the major
reasons for the loss of believers in western culture.

Don P
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