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The differences you describe pale in comparison with the differences between
Christianity and Buddhism etc.
Not as different as you might think.
The self sacrifice is the same ontological experience in Buddhism and
Christianity where it is called the sacrifice of the cross and among western
intellectuals as gnosis. It originated in the Vedic hymns. The people of the Vedic
hymns created a caste system in the Indus Valley and when their religion traveled
westward, its structure was appropriated by Judaism which is also a
priest/warrior caste system like the Vedic system. Each of those tripartite sacrifical
systems produced a thinker who negated them. Jesus is of the order of
Melchizedek. He is a king and priest and the law is written on his heart - no need for
priest/warrior classes here. His ontology is a repudiation of the temple
sacrifical system. Of the Buddha's 4 noble truths, the first is that life is
unhappiness, but the second is that the unhappiness comes from selfishness and
desire. His conclusion - get rid of desire. Jesus in the nag hammadi texts is
compared to the pre-fall Adam who had no desire before Eve was made from his rib.
That means desire caused the fall. Like Jesus' egalitarianism, Buddha's
religion does not recognize caste. Christian and Buddhist ontology has the same
source in the rejection of caste and the abandonment of desire as redeeming. I
believe these are intellectual reactions to the suppression of the caste systems
they lived under.

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