SOC/PSYC: Some of my best friends are Cardinals

From: George Hammond <>
Date: Tue Apr 05 2005 - 02:43:34 EDT

My claim to fame is that I have discovered and published the world's
first rigorous scientific proof of God:

Hammond G.E (1994) The Cartesian Theory, in
   New Ideas In Psychology, Vol 12(2) 153-167
   Pergamon Press.
Hammond G.E.(2003) A Semiclassical Theory of God
   Noetic Journal, Vol 4(3) July 2003, pp 231-244(Noetic Press)

online facsimile posted at:

Don't bother clicking... it is highly improbable that you are
qualified to discuss it.

   My problem is finding someone who IS qualified to
discuss it... and the first qualification is to actually
KNOW what God is.
   My survey indicates that it unlikely that anyone with less than the
rank of Cardinal DOES KNOW what God is.

   Jesus and St. Paul explained to us 2,000 years ago WHAT
God actually is.... that "God" is a universal perceptual phenomena
whereby much of physical reality is actually INVISIBLE to the
average man. Modern Science (Hammond 2003, above) has
now succeeded in actually measuring and proving this, and
has identified the CAUSE of this phenomenon as the Secular
Trend universal "growth deficit" of Man. Certainly Jesus,
St. Paul, St. Augustine and many of the founding fathers
of Christianity were well aware of this.

   I will not digress into the scientific proof here other than
to present a heuristic tid bit which I'm sure will stick in your
mind... namely this fascinating fact:

               As you know a "movie" is a series of still photos
        flashed on a screen so fast they appear to move.
           Fact is, it has been discovered and measured that
        a 7 year old can discriminate only up to 10 frames/sec
        as still photos before it turns into a "movie"... but by
        the time you're an adult (18) this speed moves up to
        15 frames/sec. This is due to the increasing mental
        speed (i.e. intelligence) caused by the growth of the
        brain during childhood growth.
           Ergo: if we define what an adult sees as "reality",
        then obviously 1/3 of said reality is INVISIBLE to a
        7 year old!
           The SIGNIFICANCE of this is that it has been
       established by modern Science that no adult is actually
       "full grown". According to the well known Secular
       Trend in human growth, the average human being is
        as much as 15-20% short of full growth. Ergo: 15
        to 20% of the "real world" is actually INVISIBLE
        to the average Man.... and he doesn't even know it..
        and this is the explanation of both "God" and the
        invisible world of Religion!

Now, Jesus and St. Paul knew all this 2,000 years ago... but
of course they couldn't prove it... and therefore Religion is left
today with the parabolic and metaphorical discussion of it
used by both Jesus and St. Paul. Few lay people can actually
understand this NT explanation of God.... and in fact, it is
my opinion that one has to reach the rank of CARDINAL
before one has any guarantee that who you are talking to
actually KNOWS what God is.

There are about 140 Cardinals in the Catholic Church, and
only about 10 of them are from the United States.

If there is anyone on this list who personally knows any one
of these US Cardinals, and would be willing to make an
introduction for me so that I might speak to him, I would
sincerely appreciate your posting this information on
the ASA list. Unfortunately, Cardinal Bernard Law is no
longer in Boston, or I would probably be knocking on his

With my highest regards,
George Hammond, M.S. Physics (1967)

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