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The differences you describe pale in comparison with the differences
between Christianity and Buddhism etc. You have basically, in
microcosm, made my point about fideism. If belief is the only basis for
determining truth, rather than some observation, then clearly it is very
easy to fool oneself. In which case, refusing to risk that the Bible
might be false is quite reasonable because the answer is already known.

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Hi Glenn, you wrote:

Commonality isn't the issue. Truth is. Which one is true.

Well, you have on this list Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans,
Prebyterians, etc. We all differ on some issues. Which is true? How
can you know? Is the Bible true? None of the manuscripts that exist
today are original. No two are alike. How many translations are there?
None of them are alike either.Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed
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