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As Dick points out, with all the religions and even denominations within
religions, it is never 100% clear as to what is right/true. On this, I must
state the following:

We are all wrong!

At least to some degree. No one, except God/Christ/Holy Spirit, know the
full meaning of existence. That is why WE as a people gather together to
pray and search for answers. God will reveal things when the time has come.
This does not mean we should just sit back idly, waiting for the end. It
does mean that whether we feel we have a grasp on it or not, we never will
totally understand, until the end. When Christ comes, then we will know
what is right. Odds are, we are all right and all wrong. Science can be a
tool for finding answers to how things were created or even how they
continue to be created. Theology and psychology may tell us why we are here
and where we are going. Neither can be a single source of knowledge and
neither can be ignored.

Don Perrett

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  Hi Glenn, you wrote:

    Commonality isn't the issue. Truth is. Which one is true.

  Well, you have on this list Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Prebyterians,
etc. We all differ on some issues. Which is true? How can you know? Is
the Bible true? None of the manuscripts that exist today are original. No
two are alike. How many translations are there? None of them are alike

  In short, we can't know what is true with 100% certainty. Not in science.
Not in religion. We can only have confidence that something is likely to be
true when we can substantiate it with supporting data and evidence. The
more evidence we have, the greater the certainty.

  Mithra is an ancient belief. The only thing that makes it remarkable is
the similarities between it and our Christian beliefs. But our beliefs in
the teachings of Christ are superior due to the amount of data and evidence
we can garner in support. Who are the apostles martyred for their belief in
Mithra? Who was struck blind and accosted on the road to Damascus by the
risen Mithra? Who stuck his fingers in the holes in the hands and side of
Mithra? And so on. There is good data to support our faith. We can't lose
sight of that.

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