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Date: Tue Apr 05 2005 - 01:01:37 EDT wrote:

> > If we found a natural mechanism which produced festering boils on people, should we rule out the idea that this plague was God's action?

> No.
> Everyday experience tells us that most things happen according to natural
> mechanisms. There are also plenty of examples of false claims of supernatural
> events. Thus, it makes sense to suspect that a claimed supernatural event is
> actually natural. More importantly, we must recognize that having a natural
> mechanism does not rule out God's role. In the particular example, the plague
> was probably caused by some natural disease-causing organism; however, some
> careful work in the planning department was needed to ensure that only
> Egyptians were afflicted and not their Hebrew neighbors.

I shall take on board the idea that God uses techniques of targeted biological warfare of which George W. Bush can only dream
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