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Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 19:47:05 EDT

Vernon wrote:
>There can be little doubt that Baumgardner et al would be more than happy to
>publish these findings in peer-reviewed form if a relevant journal could be
>found to accept their work. However, the sad truth is that a paper
>challenging the accepted uniformitarian paradigm - irrespective of its
>intrinsic quality - invariably meets with editorial and reviewer hostility.

This is a Christian list, and you are addressing Christians
who have had to think these matters over a lot. I came to
Christ as an adult, and that sent my on a long journey from
my original path to examine these matters. I touch things
with my own hands and probed them with my own mind. I found
nothing wrong with the view that the earth is old. Nor
could I find any serious case against evolution.

Glenn also looked at the evidence. He found that YEC
doesn't make sense with that evidence. Many other
people on this list who have argued with you have also
done considerable work within the field. And of course,
Glenn needs a good scientific model to help him find oil.

I think most of the people who have argued with you
about the evidence are people who would do what is
right if they had reason to suspect conspiracy. But
we simply don't, and the distortions in the YEC arguments
that we do see, raise even more doubts. Scientist don't
resort to distortions to prove their point. They use
facts that everyone agrees on (atheist, buddhist, christian

You are of course, welcome to believe what you want.
However, arguing that we (on this list) have an ax to
grind is greatly misrepresenting your Christian brothers
here. I'm sure if Glenn had any reason to suspect anything,
he would be on us like a loose pitbull on a prowler. He
has not been stirred.

by Grace alone we proceed,
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