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> Third, to ignore erosion, categorizing it as "a little unanswered niggle", is not consistent with good scholarship. There is a major problem with your "ON AVERAGE A MILLIMETRE OR FEW A YEAR" rate of uplift for the Himalayas, and you apparently don't have the guts to admit the possibility that you might not know everything. Erosion is not an "unanswered niggle". I ask you again, Michael, what is the rate of erosion in the Himalayas?<

What Michael calculated as a mm or few a year was the net uplift, inclusive of erosion. Thus, the erosion rate is irrelevant to the basic point.
> Fourth, as to what I do for the gospel, I attempt to love others as Christ loved the church. "And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother." (I John 4:21) You, on the other hand Michael, aren't exactly the epitome of love when you call your brothers stupid liars. How many times did Jesus use this type of abusive, abrasive language when addressing his children?<

Young earth claims typically involve the assertion or implication that conventional geologists are liars. Be sure you are consistent in your standards.

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