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George wrote (to Glenn):
>>1st, your view of Genesis goes precisely 0% of the way toward "allay[ing] Pauls concern about if CHrist be not risen, then we are most to be pitied." If that's the concern you have to look at the evidence relating to a putative event of ~ A.D. 30. Whether or not early Genesis is historical is only marginally related to such an investigation.<<

If by "early Genesis" you mean Genesis 1, I don't think it can be considered "historical" in the same sense as Genesis 2 and beyond. Until they were able to record their history, including the oral tradition of past events, there was no history. All that happened prior to the ability to record it was "prehistoric." If Genesis 1 is at variance with our scientific understanding of earth's origins, IMO it isn't by so much that it couldn't be explained by the limitations of archaic language.

If there is a question as to the historicity of Genesis from Adam to Abraham, I don't know how you could suppose those persons and events from Genesis 2-11 didn't live and happen. As for Adam, Paul referred to him by name seven times. Could the Apostle have been mistake as to the historicity of this patriarch? And Peter referred to Noah by name twice. So if the historicity of these two Genesis patriarchs is confirmed by none other than Peter and Paul I think it is disingenuous for any of us to suggest otherwise.

The tower of Babel was restored by the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, continuing in the efforts started by his father, until 562 BC. When finished, a seven stage structure and its temple complex reached nearly 300 feet in height.

Herodotus visited Babylon about 460 BC and gave this report:
"In the midst of the temple a solid tower was constructed, one stadium in length and one stadium in width. Upon this tower stood another, and again upon this another, and so on, making eight towers in all, one upon another. All eight towers can be climbed by means of a spiral staircase which runs round the outside. About halfway up there are seats where those who make the ascent can sit and rest. In the topmost tower there is a great temple, and in the temple is a golden table. No idol stands there. No one spends the night there save a woman of that country, designated by the god himself, so I was told by the Chaldeans, who are the priests of that divinity."

I haven't heard anyone question the historicity of Abraham, even the Arabs look to Abraham as their father. So I think Genesis has to be considered history unless someone turns up evidence that it isn't. The onus is on those who insist it isn't history to prove otherwise.

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