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MessageOK Glenn, you started it up again. I have NEVER said that scripture is "unreal" even in the sense in which you use the word. I have ALWAYS insisted that scripture contains historical information. In particular, it contains historical information which provide reasonable support for the claim that Jesus of Nazareth lived, was crucified and was raised from the dead.

That is the foundation of Christian faith. It does not mean that Genesis or any other part of scripture is irrelevant but the historical truth of early Genesis is not the article by which the church stands or falls. Your arguments, on the other hand, give the impression that you share with AiG the belief that Christianity is based on the historical truth of Genesis. Only the cartoons are missing. It's misleading to suggest that the basic difference between us is that you think scripture speaks of what's real and I don't. The difference is really more about what's of primary importance.

& please stop suggesting (as below) that my view of Genesis is that it's "allegory." It isn't. Rich F e.g., thinks Genesis is to be read as allegory & you can argue with him about that, but it isn't my view.

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  And the serious question is: How do we know that the Scripture isn't the funniest pseudo-theology every published?

  That is why it must be real. If it there isn't reality in it, it is pseudo-theology. And one thing the laity, who accept YEC are telling us, is that REAL trumps so-called 'truth' in human psychology. That is why they reject the allegorical approach and why they reject science.
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    I said Glenn could have the last word this time but I would be cheating others on the list if I didn't point out to others on the list that the Mu books to which he referred are some of the funniest volumes of pseudo-science ever published. (Most things of that sort are pretty dreary.) If you have a chance to get James Churchward's The Lost Continent of Mu (Paperback Library, 1968 - 1st published 1931) cheaply, don't pass it up. It has wonderful scholarly footnotes like "Greek Record" and a drawing of "An Ancient Maya Tablet" that looks remarkably like a gumball machine.

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