Re: Pope John Paul II on Science and Faith

From: George Hammond <>
Date: Sun Apr 03 2005 - 00:40:29 EST

In a previous note I referred to two addresses by Pope John Paul II on the
relationship between science and faith. The earlier is in the form of a
letter addressed to the Rev. Dr. George V. Coyne, Directory of the Vatican
Observatory, and introduces the papers read at the Vatican Observatory
Conference entitled Physics, Philosophy and Theology: A Common Quest for
Understanding (Vatican City State, 1988).


    I have sent my published theory to Bill Stoeger S.J. PhD
a staff physicist at the Vatican Observatory (U.S.) who works under
Geo. Coyne's supervision. I discussed the theory with him for several
weeks, and finally concluded that neither he, nor Geo. Coyne, nor
anyone else at the Vatican Observatory have so much as a clue as to
what God is. For heaven's sake, the average t.v. evangelical preacher
has a greater comprehension of God than Bill Stoeger or Geo. Coyne...
albeit they are Relativity physicists also.
   Frankly anyone with scientific training has a very poor understanding
of God, including even Isaac Newton who left 4 million words on religion,
and never did reach the level of theological comprehension exhibited
by even the average Archbishop!
    I find it ironic that the PAS is holding long droning speculative
philosophical discussions on "Physics & Theology" when in point
of fact a graduate physicist has already published the world's first
rigorous scientific proof of God and they're not even aware of it!

Hammond G.E.(2003) A Semiclassical Proof of God
   Noetic Journal, Vol 4(3) July 2003, pp 231-244(Noetic Press)

Online facsimile at:


Five years ago, I was in the audience during a debate between an
evolutionary biologist and an ID proponent in Lexington, KY. The biologist
mentioned that Pope John Paul II had supported acceptance of evolution. The
ID guy, a local dentist, said, "I don't know who the pope's advisers are,"
insinuating that they can't be very good. They are in fact the 80 members of
the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, thirty of whom are Nobel laureates

That's funny, by my count there are only a half dozen
Nobel's on the PAS, and only 1 in Physics (Charles


.... so they called Henry Morris [a Creationist]. He said that he thought
pope had been poorly advised.

Indubitably the understatement of the year.

Bob Schneider

   If you or anyone else happens to know George Coyne personally,
or ANY OTHER member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences;
who would be willing to talk to me, please advise. I am most anxious
to talk to them.

With my profound regards,
George Hammond, M.S. Physics (1967)
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