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Date: Sat Apr 02 2005 - 13:42:24 EST

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Siemens, Jr. <> writes
>I doubt that I can spell this out clearly enough for you to understand,
>given your responses earlier. But I make one last try. I noted that the
>Egyptians had a technique for causing snakes to stiffen by grasping them
>near the HEAD. That's a trick. Moses was told to throw down a wooden
>staff and pick it up by the TAIL.

Staffs have tails , do they?

>That's not a trick. The Egyptians
>pulled a TRICK. Aaron and Moses demonstrated a MIRACLE. The trick has a
>naturalistic explanation, but the miracle does not. HOW DOES THIS RULE

Sadly the Bible never claims that the Egyptians staff was a stiff snake,
and that it was a trick. This is simply your presupposition. It says
clearly that they used a staff.

Incidentally, the trick has only been documented since the 16th century
AD, and it is not a convincing staff. The trick is that the snake is
'charmed', not that it looks like a staff.

How did the sorcerers turn all the water in the Nile into blood?

And why would God choose a commonplace magic trick, as a method of
persuading Pharoah that Moses was from God? That would be dumb.

Steven Carr
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