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> > [Roberts]
> > ..................I await the day
> >when any YEC argument does not depend on misrepresentation or
> >misunderstanding and a naive belief that a little unanswered niggle
> >the whole understanding of an ancient earth.


> [Carr]
> No, we are here talking about the fact of evolution itself, a fact that
> is proved utterly beyond reasonable doubt. To claim equal time for
> creation science in biology classes is about as sensible as to claim
> equal time for the flat-earth theory in astronomy classes.

Excuse me gentleman for butting in, but St. Augustine once said:

     "The world was created WITH time not IN time"

Unfortunately, neither Dr. Roberts nor Dr. Carr seem to have a clue as to
the meaning of that statement and therefore their debate about the
"age of the world" is a futile exercise in mixed metaphors from
beginning to end.

Unappreciated by the average scientist, there are actually "two Creations"
recorded in the annals of modern Science:

1. The creation of "reality itself", as we know it, which
      occurred a mere 100,000 years ago when our species
      (Homo sapiens) first appeared. Our brain is what
      creates our image of "reality" and therefore "reality"
      is only 100,000 years old (Ussher was slightly off, he
      came up with 6,000.. however when compared to
      12.5 Billion which the scientists claim... the
      difference between 100k and 6k is irrelevant to
      the debate).

2. Included in this "creation of reality" just described,
      is of course also the creation of time itself including
      all of the past history of said time. So, included in
      this "creation of time" naturally we find on this now
      newly "created timeline" the Big Bang situated
      at 12.5 Billion years B.C.

Now, Augustine was referring to Creation #1 above,
(the creation of reality itself) while Roberts and Carr
and the entire Physics department btw, are talking about
Creation #2, and are apparently UNAWARE of the
existence of Creation #1 even though the entire Christian
Religion, the Bible, and 1.3 Billion Christians have been
talking nonstop about it for well nigh 2,000 years.

   Certainly Roberts and Carr are sophisticated enough
to realize that "Religion" which is fighting an uphill
battle trying to inform people of the practical significance
of the fact that "reality" is merely an image totally modulated
by the human brain, and that there is a significant departure
from 1:1 correspondence between the image and the actual
physical world due to a universal human problem known
as poverty engendered growth shortfalls, and which accounts
for all of the "supernatural phenomena of reality" observed
in connection with the theory of "God"......therefore,
Religion which is trying to explain the dramatic and historical
impact of universal human growth variation on "reality"
simply uses statements such as "the world is only 6,000
years old" to prod and stimulate know it all technocrats
who think there is no such thing as a "higher power" into
investigating the matter and hopefully ultimately leading
such persons to an understanding of what "God" is and
why it is vitally important to the individual to say nothing
of being crucial to the management and survival of the entire
human race.

    Incidentally, a hard scientific proof of all this has
recently been published by Hammond in the peer reviewed
literature... essentially proving at long last that "God exists"
and that in fact "Creationism" is a hard scientific fact, and
as such certainly has every right to be taught in the general
science curriculum of our public schools... the 1986 Supreme
Court ruling notwithstanding. After the advent of this historic
turn of events, which appears relatively imminent by the way,
hopefully we will not have to listen to endless histrionics
and bandwidth sagging debates about the "age of the
Earth" and normal people will be allowed to go back to
their jobs and let the high school students sort out all the details
in their fascinating highschool science classes.
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