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From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Sat Apr 02 2005 - 06:23:59 EST

On Apr 2, 2005 8:32 AM, Michael Roberts <>
> I am with Burgy here. There is something sick about fervent prayer to back
> up falsehood

So presumably you feel sick at the thought that Muslims pray and would
prefer it if they didn't?

and the implication that the likes of me and most on this list bar Vernon
> and Iain are compromising Christians who need prayer to see the light.

I personally do not hold the view that most of the people on the list are
compromisers who need prayer to see the light. Whether Vernon has that view,
I don't know, but I don't and please don't accuse me of making implications
that I didn't make. As I believe I told you in an off-list email, I do
accept that the earth is billions of years old so I'm a compromiser too. It
appears to me that you didn't listen when I wrote that, and are quite
content to put me in the same camp as Vernon when it suits you.

Let's put the record straight. I do not hold with YEC literalism, having
thought through the issues. I am sympathetic towards Intelligent Design, and
am prepared to believe that it might have been Intelligently Designed
Evolution (thanks to a very helpful off-list discussion with Glenn).

As regards Vernon's numerical analysis of Genesis 1:1 and associated verses,
I am convinced that there is something deliberate and designed about what he
has found. I don't claim either that it proves divine inspiration, or that
Genesis is literal. One possibility is that it could be a signature of
divine inspiration, but such things can, of course, never be proven. Having
thought about other possibilities, I think that is the most likely
explanation for the patterns.

Michael, please take note of this and don't make any more sweeping
generalizations about what I think or believe about other members of the


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> But presumably it's what you consider to be foolish beliefs that you have
> an issue with, and not the fervent prayer? Would you have it that the only
> people who prayed are those you agree with?
> I assume you're not against fervent prayer?
> Iain.
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> > >>But seriously, why does it bother you? >>
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> > Because it makes Christianity look so foolish.
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There are 3 types of people in the world.
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