Re: Taking responsibility

From: Steven Carr <>
Date: Sat Apr 02 2005 - 01:58:37 EST

>Maybe one should ask himself, "could I ever become
>and Adolf Eichmann?" If his answer is "no", then he
>is deceiving himself.

>> I'll pass on your message to the Pope.

> While not a Catholic myself, considering the current state of
> deteriorating health of the pope, I find this comment inappropriate
> and offensive.  Many of my Catholic brothers are grief stricken as
> the Pope enters his last hours, and you decide to use him as a
> cheap jibe.  Shame on you!

You mean it is perfectly acceptable for Christians to compare me to
Adolf Eichmann?

Why should I not get the same respect as the Pope?

Are all not equal in Christianity?

In any case, why should it be offensive for me to offer to forward a
posting from a Christian on this list to the Pope?

What was it about the message I offered to forward that was so offensive
to Catholics?

For context , I reproduced the message which was so offensive to
Catholics that Iain cut it out of his posting which accused me of a
cheap jibe.


Steven Carr
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