Re: Naturalisim

From: Steven Carr <>
Date: Sat Apr 02 2005 - 01:28:44 EST

In message <>, D. F.
Siemens, Jr. <> writes

>> SO this was God's chosen method of persuading Pharoah that Moses
>> was
>> from God - a stage magic trick that others could do?
>> (I assume that is also how Moses did his trick?)

>I see you are so opinionated that you can't tell the difference between a
>head and a tail.

And when the Bible says that the Egyptian magicians turned a staff into
a snake, your presuppositions simply rule out it as not true, although
you were not there and have no evidence that they used stagecraft.

But you have ruled out of court the idea that people can work miracles,
so you say there is a naturalistic explanation for what the Bible claims

Steven Carr
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