Don't gripe about being ignored, take the offensive. Some suggestions.

From: Edward Babinski <>
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 18:48:59 EST

Don't gripe about being ignored, take the offensive.
Here's how.

First, get a name for your group. The "Discovery
Institute" is but a name they came up with. I bet some
Christians on this listserv can come up with a name
and form a little group. Christian Evolutionist
Society? The CSE?

Second, start making press releases to the media. Go
to arts & letters daily (google it, it's the Chronicle
of Higher Ed's website), and there's a list of links
of major media on the left hand side. Start sending
press releases, statements of your views to every
major newspaper and blog site listed.

Better yet, hold a conference in a major city,
inviting all the Christian biologists to it. Or
piggyback on an ASA Conference, see if they will allow
you to meet and establish your own group as a
sub-division of theirs, and if you can hold some
sessions for your group at the ASA Conference, or the
Zygon Conference, or some other theistic conferences
where evolution is not a dirty word.

Hey, it's worth a shot. If you can get a single letter
published in the New York Times, you've got cred.
Imagine, how Phillip Johnson felt when his brain dead
inanities (stolen creationist arguments from decades
ago) first got published in the N Y Times! And he's a
lawyer with NO biological cred!

Just keep at it crafting press releases, instead of
wasting time arguing with folks like Vern the number
hunter, and that Christian Science fellow who speaks
in tongues and claims to have mathematical proof of
God. Just start your own institute, craft some fine
press releases and make news. Then you won't feel

As for myself, ignore this message.

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