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Maybe you should read other works. This is from a recent history book about time.
 "Where does the 6,000 years come from? Julius was
merely the first to put into writing what was a long-held
popular belief. This belief came from a conflation of
various revered nonbilbical writings and specific passages
from the Bible. Perhaps the most important passage from
Scriptures cane from the Jewish Talmud. There was found the
famous prophesy ascribed to the prophet Eligjah that stated
the world would exist for 6,000 years, the first 2,000 being
the void, the next 2,000 being the period of the torah, and
the last 2,000 being the period of the Messiah. Equally
influential was a collective exercise in popular numerology.
The number 7 is found throughout the Book of Revelation—it
was considered a number that represented God—and it
coincided with the seven days of Creation in the Book of
Genesis. But on the last day God had rested. Thus, it
actually took only six days to create the earth and all the
creatures that lived on it. The first six days of Creation
coincide with the number 6 in Revelation: the number for
 "All Christians and Jews knew that the world became
contaminated the day Satan tempted Eve, causing Adam and
Eve's ejection from the Garden of Eden. Only with the Second
Coming would Satan be destroyed and evil eliminated.
Revelation clearly stated that after the Second Coming,
Christ would rule for a millennium. Two specific places in
the Bible state that a day is like 1,000 years to God: In
the Old Testament, Ps. 90:4 states, 'For a thousand years in
they sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a
and as a watch in the night'; and, in the New Testament, @
Pt. 3:8 states, 'But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one
thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years,
and a thousand years as one day.' The popular belief was
that the coming thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ must be
the seventh millennium, and that Satan had dominated the
previous six millennia. In many sources, in fact, the final
millennium was called 'the great Sabbatism'—the great
Sabbath, drawing an even more solid connection to the
seventh day of Genesis. The first coming of Christ was
during the sixth millennium, coinciding with the sixth day
of Creation, the day Adam was created."
 "Julius's great contribution was to give Christians the
documentation and proof they wanted for an idea that was
already fully embraced. Eusebius, by being the church's
first key historian at the time of Constantine and the
establishment of the legal Christian church, provided the
needed ratification of Julius's chronology. Julius's and
Eusebius's careful works would be the benchmarks for all
future chronologists; their successors would simply dot I's
and cross t's. But, their successors would continually push
back the end of the 6,000 years, as each threshold for the
Second Coming neared. St. Jerome, Eusebius's translator, was
the first to practice this form of recalculation; he placed
the birth of Christ at 5,200 years since Creation, putting
off the end of the sixth millennium until A. D. 800.this
kind of fudging was easily done and sparked no controversy
because there was enough uncertainty in the original figures
to allow for reinterpretation." Jack Repcheck, The Man Who
Found Time, (Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing, 2003), p.
Donald B Redford is published by Princeton University Press and says Joseph is fiction. A lot of people get published.
And this is from a major Jewish scholar of the 12th century
"The Torah began with the chapter of In the beginning G-d created and recounted the whole subject of creation until the making of man, how He [G-d] put all things under his feet; and how the Garden of Eden, which is the choicest of places created in this world, was made the place of his abode until his sin caused his expulsion therefrom; and how the people of the generation of the flood were completely expelled from the world on account oftheir sin, and the only righteous one among them --he [Noah] and his children--were saved; and how the sin of their descendants caused them to be scattered to various places and dispersed to different countries,..." Ramban, Commentary on the Torah, Tranls. By Rabbi Dr. Charles B. Chavel, New York: Shilo Press, 1971), p. 18
I am sorry to disagree with you but this sounds very much like this guy, who was depending upon talmudic sources believed it was real history.
Maimonides also wrote: This world will become a place where "death ceases to exist, and every JEW who has ever lived is brought back to life forever." 13 Principles of Faith #13.
Doesn't include Christians, does it? Do you want to interpret that literally as history? Then Christianity might as well fold up.
Look at the Antiquities of the Jews. Flavius Josephus takes it as history.
Flavius did not have the benefit of modern science and he was not at the core of Judaism.
Your view that YEC is a modern view is frankly eisegetical.
Never said it.
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Origen says genesis is facade. The kabbalists and the talmudists say it is allegory. why do Christians say it is history? When did the change come about? There is a way to answer the questions, but you have to look to these other religious scholars for the answers. there are other independent views of genesis.
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