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Helen -

A very good resource on the history of Christian thought in this area is H. Paul Santmire, The Travail of Nature (Fortress, 1985). His later book Nature Reborn (also Fortress) is worthwhile too. In spite of its hokey title & the fact that it's probably out of print, a book by a minister of the Church of Scotland, Ian Bradley, God is Green (Doubleday Image 1992 - originally published by Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd.) is a nice little discussion from a British setting. Denis Edwards, Jesus the Wisdom of God: An Ecological Theology (Orbis, 1995) is a good RC treatment.

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  I have a friend who is a missionary. He is working in the UK and is looking for a good book on environmental science and stewardship of the environment from the Biblical Christian perspective. He is not a trained scientist but is widely read. Does any one have any suggestions?

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