Re: CT article: Darwinists, not Christians, stonewalling the facts

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Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 07:40:30 EST

Glenn Morton wrote:

"...WE ARE IGNORED and there is nothing more damning than being ignored...."

Glenn, there are far worse things than being ignored; among them, not being true to God, and not being true to oneself.

If we think we have a superior vision of the truth, we must make our vision known. But if our witness is ignored, we have done our duty, and the problem of making the truth known then becomes God's, not ours. "If anyone will not ...listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave...." Don't stay and browbeat.

Blame Martin Luther: before him, people (and RCs still) could just consult the pope if they wanted to know how to believe what. Protestants have put dominant emphasis on Scripture, and this has been practically the sole unifying force among them. Now some of us are trying to pry them loose from their rigid interpretations, and often we aren't having much success.

Part of the problem is that, once we abandon a literal interpretation of certain scriptures, there's no consensus on where to go. As a group we can't offer the kind of certainty that literalists seem to require.


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  I don't know how you got to this letter from mine. The point is, that the fact that the CT article doesn't really give evolutionists (theistic or otherwise) a seat at the table is a good sign of our impotence. It isn't a matter of what should be taught, or even how much historicity is really there. WE ARE IGNORED and there is nothing more damning than being ignored. My observation was simply this:

  We don't satisfy most people's demand for historicity. I don't care whether you think we shouldn't. And it really doesn't matter what the Jewish approach is. We are in the situation that we are in which is one of being unimportant. You, I and the ASA have all be relegated to a footnote in the history of Christian creation apologetics. The majority of people quized on the issue don't take an evolutionary position. Don't like it? I can't help you. Talking about what others do doesn't seem to solve the plain fact that we theistic evolutionists are irrelevant in the majority of congregations.

  an afterthought. Maybe the fact that I got your's and Georges responses is why we are losing.
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