Re: CT article: Darwinists, not Christians, stonewalling the facts

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> The phrase is not significant at all, George. Anyone constructing a
> theological view, or a scientific view does not have access to some
> metaphysical source of all knowledge to know how much historicity there
> is. Thus, your statement " how much historicity there
>> is in Genesis, " is irrelevant. How on earth do you PROPOSE to answer
> that question? Are you going to ask God? Are you going to decide for
> yourself? If you have no independent means of knowing how much
> historicity there is, then you, like I and like others are merely
> deciding the answer to that question based upon personal whimsy.
> If you have another source of divine and irrefutable knowledge to answer
> that, then please let me know so I can access it also.

OK, so can we take this as an official statement that Glenn Morton's method
of determining how much historical data there is early Genesis is "personal

I sort of thought that study of the nature of the text (internal structure
&c), study of the world views held in that culture & surrounding ones, & of
course non-textual data (archaeology &c) might be able to tell us something.

Lest we get too far from the main topic: I would very much like to see
conservative Christians come to a better understanding of scripture & its
relationship with science, realize the obstacles in the way of that goal, &
take seriously the dangers of continued infatuation of those Christians with
anti-evolution stuff. But I am not prepared to accept an approach to the
problem that involves telling them things that aren't true because that's
what they want to hear.

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