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From: George Hammond <>
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 05:34:11 EST


 Allow me to introduce this post by
 speaking to you in "tongues" for a

  Yad de semptd desa sabach sach dem meday,
  vedem gad es demc sheneh stad dada vadikum.
  Meka vos bateka sedes sembottakah vauhta setoh?
  Foida dem desaifa bech kaddafoya!

That is a direct typographical rendering of
something I've just uttered viva voce!

  The message here is.... if you can't talk
in "tongues"... you don't KNOW what God is!
And until I hear you speak in tongues, I will
not be convinced that you do know what God

  It is my learned opinion then, when all is said
and done, that there are two great classes of humanity.
First, there is a very small elite sector of humanity
who actually do know what God is. This is less than
10,000 people in the entire world today, and was
a far smaller constituency in prior ages.
The other great class is simply the rest of humanity,
which today numbers approximately 6 billion souls.

   That is not to say that the bulk of the world
is totally ignorant of God... no... it's similar
to the subject of formal mathematics. Billions of
people know how to add and subtract.. they can make
change for instance. But only a few million are
competent in Calculus, and finally, perhaps only
10,000 or less fully comprehend the higher reaches
of mathematics. The world then may be divided into
TWO GREAT CLASSES when it comes to mathematics.
10,000 of them are qualified to read Einstein,
Hilbert and Stephen Hawkings, while the rest of
humanity can do little more with math than balance
their checkbook or make change for a dollar.
   Exactly the same is true when it comes to the
theory of God. 10,000 people on Earth today actually
know what God is, and it is no mystery to them
whatsoever, and moreover, this same class of people
has known what God is for thousands of years. Among
them of course are the Pope, the College of Cardinals,
various Archbishops and even a few hundred secular
scholars. Beyond that... among the great seething mass
of humanity, the subject of "God" is nearly a total
mystery, and virtually incomprehensible to the average
   The parallel may be carried even further. There
are many popular books by Einstein, Hilbert and
Hawking in which the subject of mathematics is
heuristically discussed without ever writing down
an actual equation. Gravity is explained in terms
of pinballs rolling on rubber sheets thus demonstrating
the curvature of space etc. The same is true of the
theory of God. Instead of giving an exact literal
description of the physical change a human being exhibits
when he spiritually penetrates into the invisible world,
we find parabolic descriptions given in the Bible
such as a description of Jesus walking across Lake
Galilee in his bare feet.

          SO, WHAT IS "GOD" ?

  Well... with that we finally come to the central question
of this post, namely:

    If 10,000 people have long known explicitly and
    literally what "God" is, then why didn't they
    simply come out and literally explain it thousands
    of years ago instead of beating around the bush with
    all this parabolic talk of "pinballs rolling around
    on rubber sheets" or "men walking across lakes in
    their bare feet" etc. ?

    The answer to that is simply that enough science
    was not known in previous ages to PROVE what they
    would have to say!
      In point of fact, the theory of "God" is so
    controversial, that it is only now, now that the
    sheer brute force of modern science HAS finally
    found a way to prove it... that the literal truth
    about "God" can be presented to the public!


  Well... as I have indicated above, the higher intellectual
reaches of humanity have known for at least 3,000 years (and
even more certainly since the time of Christ 2,000 years ago)
that "God" so called, is a fundamental perceptual phenomena,
whereby, the universal failure of any individual to reach full
growth (due to universal poverty, famine, warfare, hardship,
et cetera) causes the average person to be unable to see 100%
of reality. He only THINKS that what he sees is true reality!
Actually, on average, as much as 15 to 20% of reality is
literally invisible to the average human being, and he doesn't
even know it! This is why he doesn't know what "God" is.
   Now obviously, if you couldn't PROVE such a statement
scientifically, no one would believe it! And the PROOF of this
has only recently been achieved (Hammond 2003). But, as I
say, the leadership of society has actually known about it for
thousands of years, and this fact is actually the foundation
of what we call "Religion".
   Before I launch into a description of the scientific proof,
let me point out how the ancients discovered this long before
Science did. They discovered it as a matter of practical
necessity! Leadership was the first challenge of Civilization.
And the first thing Man discovered is that some individuals
are a lot more powerful and commanding than others. Of course
we have genetic differences, but there is also a difference
in "growth" between various individuals. Genetic differences
aside then, it was soon discovered that men who obviously had
better growth backgrounds, were taller, stronger, quicker, had
better teeth, were suitable for "oversight" positions.. generals,
governors, kings, presidents etc. Furthermore, since such
specimens were rather rare, it was also noticed that most people
had rather mediocre or even poor development..many weak, scrawny,
even growth stunted individuals. And, the leadership soon
realized that in fact the large mass of humanity was in a
rather poor general growth situation, and that particularly this
affected peoples mental function ... they were unreliable,
emotional, unrealistic and even hysterical in the face of the
human struggle. This lead eventually to a massive social
program to deal with this (poverty-engendered) universal
"mental" dilemma of Man... and this program was named
"religion". The universal "ideal man" (the fully grown
man) was named "God" and he was considered invisible since no
one, as far as anyone could see, was actually fully grown.
It was recognized from common experience that less than fully
grown adults, were in some sense similar to "children" in that
their mental function (particularly visual perception) was
reduced in the same way that a child's visual perception of
reality is "reduced" in comparison to an adult. Hence, humanity
began to refer to itself for the first time as "the children of

               THE SOCIAL ADVENT, 33 AD

   OK, so the history of God and Religion is reasonably clear,
and it is also clear why A "literal" explanation of "God"
has been a long time coming. Obviously you can't go around
telling the average man that his brain is not fully grown
because his ancestors were not wealthy and they had to struggle
in poverty for untold generations and because of that you are
unable to see 15 to 20% of reality and are only fit to be a minion
and hireling instead of a bigshot.
  Fortunately, 2,000 years ago, what was to become the world's
most famous man emerged in the Levant and announced to the
world that the phenomena of "God" is actually a demonstration
that the true nature of man is cooperative and not competitive,
and that each person has a place in "the kingdom of God" and
that society must act cooperatively with all men "equal under
God" in order for the human race as a whole to survive. This
man was of course the prophet of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth.
Even so, the matter of God was still so controversial and
incapable of simple proof or explanation, that even Jesus himself
was only able to discuss the matter parabolically, and never


  Finally then, we arrive at the present day. In the past 2,000
years we have survived virtually every social catastrophe that
can be imagined. First the overwhelming of classical civilization
by the Feudal System followed by 1,000 year Dark Age. Then the
miracle of the Industrial Revolution which ended Feudalism and
Slavery but gave us the spectacle World War. Today, after trial
by fire, we at last live in a sophisticated world dominated by
Democracy and sustained by Scientific and Technological achievement.
With all this world experience and at this late date in civilization,
one would think that some headway in achieving a literal scientific
explanation of the age old mystery of God would have finally emerged.
Well, believe it or has!

  As I outlined above, Man has always known, at the highest reaches
of society, what "God" actually is. Pope Julius actually commissioned
Michealangelo 500 years ago to paint a picture of God on the Sistine
Chapel ceiling, where it can still be seen today... an actual artistic
rendering of the "invisible God" of Man!
  But why has Science not taken up the investigation of the phenomena
of God? Well... the answer is simple... there are very few, if any,
qualified scientists among the 10,000 elite persons of the world who
actually know what God is. The reason for this is that knowledge of
what God is can only be obtained, as I pointed out above, by people
who are actually in charge of observing, judging, appointing and
dealing with mankind on a personal contact first hand level. The average
physicist spends 40 years studying mathematical-physics in rooms with
no windows and very little time dealing with humanity at large. It is
highly improbable that he would ever stumble across an explanation
for the phenomena of "God"... if the idea even crossed his mind!
   However, believe it or not, such an rare accident has actually
happened! The accidental discovery of a literal scientific "proof"
of God begins with the modern age of Psychology.. in particular,
what is called "Psychometry". Psychonmetry is the field of
"scientifically measurable" psychology, and is only about 100 years
old.. in fact it only came of age after the invention of the computer
in the 1970's. We have talked about how "20% of the world is invisible
to the average man", and the fact that even the ancients knew about it.
But only in the past 40 years could this actually be scientifically
measured. I will spare you the details but will illustrate it by
the following fascinating piece of research. You all know that a
"movie" consists of a series of still photos flashed on a screen so
fast that it becomes a moving picture. Would you believe that they
discovered (and measured) the fact that a 7 year old can see up
to 10 frames/sec as individual pictures before it turns into a
movie, but by the time you're 15 this rate moves up to 15 frames/sec.
Subsequent research has shown that this is due to the increasing
"mental speed" of the person which increases as his brain grows!
This simple example dramatizes the fact that 1/3 of "reality" is
actually "invisible" to a 7 year old as compared to a 15 year old!
Obviously, if you reach adulthood without achieving full growth,
then you will be surrounded by an invisible world which you can't
even see!
  Fact is, another well established fact is something called the
Secular Trend in human growth... the fact that every generation is
more fully grown than the last. This is the explanation of why no
modern soldier can fit into a medieval suit of armor.. they are much
too large. Anyway, the Secular Trend is direct evidence that no
adult is now, or ever has been, fully grown. Hence.. we actually are all
surrounded by an "invisible world". And more invisible to some people
than others!
   Well, to continue the story of how a scientific proof of God
was accidentally discovered by a scientist.. it was yours truly, a
physicist, who 20 years ago decided to take a closer look at the
field of Psychometry. The first problem I worked on was the very old
problem of trying to discover the "Structural Model" of Psychology.
It has been believed to exists ever since Hippocrates the Father of
Medicine announced 2,500 year ago that there was such a thing.
As you might recall he said it was made up of "4 Humors".
Amazingly, being virtually the first physicist to ever investigate
the matter, I soon recognized that the correlations of Psychometry
indicated the existence of a CUBIC structure in the data, and soon
traced this to the cubic (Cartesian) structure of the vertebrate body
plan and the brain itself! This discovery was published in New Ideas
In Psychology (Pergamon Press) in 1994. I was quite pleased with
myself, and had absolutely no idea what lay in store for me next!
I won't reiterate the details, it's all recounted on my website
and in my published papers, but basically what I discovered is that
the 4 dimension of Psychometry are "curved" in exactly the same
fashion as the 4 dimensions of real space are curved as Einstein
discovered. The reason for the Psychometry curvature in fact is
because the 4 dimension of real space are what causes the 4 dimension
of Psychometry space via the Cartesian geometry of the human body
plan (the cleavages of the Brain). What all this means, is that what
we see is a "curved version" of true reality, and this curvature
is directly proportional to a person's percentage of full brain
growth. In other words, "God" is actually explained by Einstein's
equation but now written in Psychometry Space:

               GOD = G_uv

(G_uv is the Einstein curvature tensor). Now, I'm sure that unless
you are a qualified physicist I've lost you there.. but it's all quite
simple... reduced brain growth causes a reduction in mental speed
(intelligence) and reduced growth in general causes the world to
"look bigger" than if you were fully grown. This combination of
"time dilation" and "space magnification" is called a "curvature
of spacetime" by the physicists. Now, as we have explained, these
"dilations" cause part of reality to be invisible, i.e. the
"curvature" causes part of reality to be invisible, and we know
that this invisibility is historically known as the phenomenon of
"God".... hence the equation GOD = G_uv. All of this is explained
on my website and in my published papers (URL below).


   Well, I hope this has been helpful in finally dismissing
the "mystery" of God from your mind, and informing you that a
rigorous, axiomatic, empirically confirmed proof that "God exists"
has been discovered... and published by the way in the peer
reviewed scientific literature, in the NOETIC JOURNAL:

Hammond G.E.(2003) A Semiclassical Theory of God
  Noetic Journal, Vol 4(3) July 2003, pp 231-244

online copy:

We all may now rest assured that the Bible is true, that God exists,
and that everything Jesus ever said has now been scientifically

Thank you in advance for
your kind comments,

George Hammond M.S. Physics (1967)
Hyannis MA

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