Re: Ongoing creation

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 23:09:37 EDT

Loren Haarsma wrote:

> I've got a story about this question:
> A member of our church named Ray is a retired theologian. He's
> almost
> a shut-in at a retirement community, but he likes to participate in
> one of
> our church's book clubs, so we often meet at his place. A few weeks
> ago,
> we were discussing the book "Perspectives on an Evolving Creation"
> (editted by Keith Miller).
> Ray liked the book. But at the end of the discussion, he brought up
> this same point which others have mentioned: For centuries, Christian
> theology has distinguished between God's creative activity and God's
> providential activity. But evolutionary creation seems to blur that
> distinction.

I agree that this is an important issue. It is one that I encounter
often. I also agree that the distinction is blurred between many
people's conceptions of "creation" and "providence." However, I am
convinced that the distinction is not one that scripture clearly makes.
  If God is actively involved in a continuously unfolding and evolving
natural world, then that activity is BOTH upholding and bringing forth
something new. In fact, the springing forth of each new life is an
expression of God's creative activity.

BTW: I am glad that you have found the book useful in discussions.

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